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Our Shotcrete Services

We are professional gunite & shotcrete specialists.

Having been the premier concrete contractor specializing in shotcrete services for the better part of half a century, Shotcrete Contractors, Inc. offers complete coverage for pool designs & installations, custom structures, as well as foundation support & reinforcement. With our world-class project management guidelines in place for every shotcrete job we are recruited for, you, as our customer, can rest assured that your project will be completed on time, within budget, and compliant with any building standards that are applicable. For a more in-depth summary of our varied concrete & shotcrete services, please be sure to reference our coverage descriptions below!

First off, what is Shotcrete exactly?

To better understand and appreciate the value of shotcrete and what it can do to really transform your property, it’s important to become familiar with its origin and then it’s industry-changing influence. Concrete construction, by and large, was developed as means to mass-produce sustainable building materials that was both cost-effective and simplistic in its application. By combining water with various ratios of pulverised limestone, sand, coarse gravel, and other various minerals you are able to create the perfect balance that results in a mud-like concoction that solidifies into a material comparable to stone, but far superior in its versatility. Accounting that it’s composition is largely water, the ideal mixture or ratio leaves a very pliable substance that can basically be formed into anything with the proper “stencil”.


Foundations & Reinforcement With Shotcrete

Ensuring the foundation of your property’s structure is one the most essential areas of concern that any home or business owner experiences. With our years of structural foundation designs and construction, we have the industry experience to guarantee the integrity and longevity of your property will surpass anything you will find elsewhere.


Why Is Shotcrete Preferred?

As a means to further enhance the production, output, and overall efficiency of the concrete industry, the idea to dispense yards and yards concrete via “sprayer” was born. This combines the speed and precision of a spray-gun similarly used in structural texturing, but instead of this providing a barrier for the building’s foundation, the shotcrete technique was invented to harness the swift, efficient execution a spray-gun offers. With a full range of application, angles or points of contact are never an issue with shotcrete because of it’s diversified nozzle that is able to be adjusted to accommodate even the trickiest of projects.


Shotcete Is Proven Effective!

There are many advantages to shotcrete services, and with Shotcrete Contractors, Inc. you can trust you’re in good hands. To begin with, the shotcrete materials are durable, long-lasting, and affordable to fit any budget. Our shotcrete services are meant to save construction time on your residential or commercial properties. Since our team is the specialist in spraying shotcrete on the surface you desire, we ensure a job well done the first time on every project.

    ➢ Versatility

    ➢ Durability

    ➢ Adaptability

    ➢ Longevity

    ➢ Aesthetics



Shotcrete Contractors, Inc. is a specialist in providing quality restoration and repair.

Please review additional applications and the list of repairs we perform:

  • Installation of Waterproof Coatings and Membranes
  • Structural Crack Injection
  • Concrete Demolition
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Injection of Polyurethane Foams, Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic
  • Cast In Place Concrete
  • Soil Nailing

Innate Benefits of Shotcrete

Some of the benefits you are able to take advantage of with our shotcrete services are the timeliness & efficiency with which the shotcrete project is completed; regardless of its size, scale, ambition, or inherent complexity. With two forms of shotcrete or sprayable concrete being wet application and dry application, there’s no pool, structure, foundation, or building pad that our shotcrete experts here at Shotcrete Contractors, Inc. that we’ve come across that we were unable to construct with speed, precision, and punctuality.

Additional Services We Offer

Demolition & Deconstruction | Restorations & Repairs | Structural Support & Reinforcement

A well-rounded approach towards property-related services is not only a refreshing experience for our local clients but it also ensures the projects we undertake have seamless cohesion throughout their duration. As such, we've adopted versatility & adaptability as the hallmark of our additional services.



Demolition & Deconstruction

Concrete | Shotcrete | Foundations | Structures | Buildings | Tunnels | Slopes | Soil

Once Shotcrete Contractors, Inc starts the demolition and deconstruction services you will find we are the most professional choice in the industry! We will professionally accurately provide demolition services for foundations and concrete removal. The deconstruction services are excellent for buildings and structures that require a restoration or repair shotcrete service. You can count on our team of experts to provide an affordable, reliable and dependable demolition and deconstruction service for your residential or commercial properties!

restoration & repairs




restoration & repairs



Restorations & Repairs

Concrete | Shotcrete | Foundations | Structures | Buildings | Tunnels | Slopes | Soil

You will experience a world-class restoration and repair service with Shotcrete Contractors, Inc. We are an outstanding company that provides even better restoration services for your home or business. Are you noticing that your property is in need of repairs? No Problem, we can help! Our professionals are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable in restoring and repairing structures such as tunnels, bridges, overpasses, foundations, and building pads. All an affordable price that will fit any budget.






Structural Support & Reinforcement

Concrete | Shotcrete | Foundations | Structures | Buildings | Tunnels | Slopes | Soil

With over 45 years of experience, Shotcrete Contractors, Inc have the knowledge that you can depend on. For residential or commercial customers, our company is a fully trained reinforcement service for full or partial reinforcements and overhauls. Whether reinforcement services are necessary for foundations, structures, tunnels, slope stabilization, soil nailing, as well as, shotcrete services. Our company takes pride in being the best shotcrete contractor that you can find in Campbell County, Tennessee.